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How My Taste Changes

IMG_20160610_150545_589 (3)

This is close up of a quilt I made from Quilter magazine, which I’ve since thrown away (wish I’d know I’d have the time or skills to write a blog!)  I carefully imitated the cottage feel of the original with lots of polka dots and tiny prints.  At the time, I thought my quilt was incredibly modern with all the solid and semi solids I used.  Fast forward to the current w.i.p. which is almost all negative space!


Here’s a picture of the full quilt.  It’s a a Queen size and the beautiful custom quilting was done by Eric Borg of Merlin, Oregon.

Two years ago I got interested in American history and we were also planning a summer trip to D.C. with our children.  I decided I wanted to make a quilt in shades of cream, with a parchment/tea dyed sort of feel.  So I made this quilt pattern again.  All the triangles in it made me feel clever but it still came together quickly.  There are a lot of huge four patches in it too!

Matilda americana

See!  Same quilt pattern, completely different feel.  And inexpertly quilted by me on my h.s.m (home sewing machine) with wavy lines.  I love that it’s less organized, less formal, less busy.  Here’s a close up.  And no, it’s not bound yet.  Maybe today …

Americana close up

My photography skills aren’t too great but I’m working on it.

You can see I’m slowly creeping towards producing quilts that reflect my style and controlling my tendency to gather too many fantastic, busy prints.

More later.